The annual blueberry cannon debate is on again

The annual blueberry cannon debate is on again

Yes, its happens every year. Local newpapers (and sometimes The Province and Vancouver Sun) will publish stories about the propane-fuelled bird scare devices or “blueberry cannons” as we call them. Then a chain reaction of letters to the editor from both proponents and opponents of blueberry cannons will last all summer.

Shrinking rural urban divide and increasing number of blueberry fields make a ceasefire  – between residents and farmers – unlikely in the near future. Abbotsford  has just over 5,000 acres planted in blueberries which is almost a third of the total 18000 acres covered by blueberries in British Columbia.

Many farmers believe propane cannons are a cost-effective means to protect their crop. The City of Abbotsford is so far unwilling to take on the responsibility of monitoring blueberry cannon use. The provincial Farm Practices Protection Act, also known as the “right to farm” legislation will override any city bylaws to ban cannon use in the farms. The Farm Industry Review Board recently reviewed the use of cannons and made some suggestions for noise reduction. But, it did not recommend an outright ban on the devices.

I don’t know what the solution is, talk to your neighbors… 🙂 ….. . and enjoy the blueberries..

 June 28, 2009

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