Selling Your Home? Plan Your Marketing

Selling Your Home? Plan Your Marketing

How can I get the most $$$ “in my pocket” from the sale of my home? If you are like most folks “highest possible $$$ amount in your bank” is your goal when you are selling your home. How do you find buyers for your home?

There are 2 well known facts about how home are sold:

FACT#1– Most homes are sold by REALTORS (Some studies say 9 out of 10 homes are sold by REALTORS) because:

– Realtors have a client base
– Realtors have marketing and negotiation skills
– Real estate professionals can protect the sellers and buyers from legal liabilities
– Realtors use the Multiple Listing Service and remuneration sharing agreements to promote your home

Interview more than one agents before you list your home for sale. Ask them what marketing plan do they have to sell your home. Check referral, verify marketing claims, do your homework before you sign a listing contract.

– Most Buyers start their home search online (90% Buyers look online according to National Association of Realtors in the US. Canadian numbers should be similar) because:

– Buyers can search for home from the comfort of their own living room.
– Have access to latest listings
– Buyers can view more photos and even video & virtual tours online
– Buyers have access to other local information like maps, schools and other city data

When you list your home with an agent make sure they offer a marketing plan to promote your home not only through traditional channels like MLS, yard sign, ad in the local paper and in-office promos etc. but also on the Internet.

Most real estate agents have websites but having a web-page is simply not enough. A search for “Abbotsford Real Estate” on Google returns almost 1 million web-pages.  So make sure you ask some questions. How many visitors (potential buyers) come to the agent’s website every day? Is the agent’s website the only place where they advertise your home online? How about other popular destinations on the web like Facebook, twitter, craigslist, househunting etc etc.?

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