Street Address


Abbotsford Adventist Villa 32733 E Broadway St
Abbotsford Place 32830 George Ferguson Way
Abby Mews 33664 Marshall Rd
Alameda Court 2277 McCallum Rd
Alder Glen 1750 McKenzie Rd
Arbour Court 32075 George Ferguson Way
Aspen Creek 33478 Roberts Ave
At Nature’s Gate 33318, 33328, 33338 E Bourquin Cr
Autumn Terrace 2414 Chuch st
Baker view Apartments 33400 Bourquin Pl
Boval Court 31930 Old Yale Rd
Bramblewoods 2963 Nelson Pl
Breckenridge Estates 31771 Peardonville Rd
Brook hollow Estates 2772 Clearbrook Rd
Brooklyn **** Gladwin Rd Under Construction
Brio 33553 Marshall Rd Construction Halted
Bristol Court 31110 Tims Ave
Canterbury Gate 32669 George Ferguson Way
Carina Court 32502 George Ferguson Way
Carmody Ridge 33480 George Ferguson Way
cascade Court 35230 Delair Rd
Cascade Green 2958, 2960, 2962, 2964 Trethewey St Featured Building
Cedar brook Manor 32124 Tims Ave
Cedar Grove 33225 Old Yale Rd
Cedar Grove place 2435 Center St
Centennial Court 2451 Gladwin Rd
Central Heights Manor 33535 King Rd
Chelsea House 2780 Ware St
Citadel Ridge 33485 South Fraser Way
City Court 33887 Marshall rd
cityscape 33839 Marshall Rd
Cloudcroft Manor 33464 George Ferguson Way
Cobblestone 2581 Langdon St Featured Building
College Park Place 33178, 33668, 33688, 33708, 33728, 33738 King rd Featured Building
Cottage Lane 33490 Cottage Ln
Cypress Park 32145 Old Yale rd
Dogwood Manor 32040 Peardonville Rd
Edgebrook 2943 Nelson Pl
Elmwood Manor 32025 Tims Ave
Emerald Springs 33280 E Bourquin Cr
Evergreen Village 31955 Old Yale Rd
Fairview Manor 32885 George Ferguson Way
Fernwood Manor 33870 Fern St
Fernwood 31850 Union ave
Fircrest 32718 Garibaldi Dr
Fir Villa 32175 Old ale Rd
Forest village 1909 Salton rd
Garibaldi Lane 32729 Garibaldi Lane
Glenwood Manor 2211 Clearbrook Rd
Green Gables 32044 Old Yale Rd
Heather Court 32098 George Ferguson Way
Heather Ridge 32089 Old Yale rd
Hillcrest Manor 33956 Essendene Ave
Horizon Place 33233 E Bourquin Cr
La Galleria  2860 Trethewey St
32445 Simon Ave
Latitude 2233 McKenzie Rd Featured Building
Lakeway Gardens 2410 Emerson St
Lakewood Gardens 2491 Gladwin Rd
Magnolia Gardens 2450 Church St
Maplewood Manor 32040 Tims Ave
Mayfair Gardens 33401 Mayfair Ave
Mayfair Place 33375 Mayfair Ave
McKenzie Place 2130 McKenzie Rd
Mill spring Manor 2526 Lake View Cr
Monique Place 33682 Marshall rd
Monte Vista 33369 Old Yale Rd
Nelson Manor 33598 George Ferguson Way
Nelson Mews 32850 George Ferguson Way
Oakhurst Park 32959 George Ferguson Way
Oakwood Court 31855 Peardonville Rd
Old Yale Heights 33960 Old Yale Rd
Pacific Place 32033 Old Yale Rd
Panorama Terrace 2678 McCallum rd
Park Place 32853 Landeau Pl
Parkview Estates 2821 Tims St
Parkview Place 2425 Church St
Regency Park 3190 Gladwin Rd
Ridgeview Place 2684 McCallum Rd
Royal Court 31930 Old Yale Rd
Royal Oaks 32910 Amicus pl
Seasons 2700 McCallum rd Featured Building
Silverwood Manor 32070 Peardonville Rd
Sommerset Ridge 33175 Old Yale Rd
Stephanie Place 33731 Marshal Rd
Stone Croft Estates 2350 Westerly St
**Summerset Place 2456 Ware St
Summit Point 33065 Mill Lake Rd Featured Building
Tamarind Westside 30515 Cardinal Avenue
Tempo 1951 McCallum Rd Featured Building
Tessaro Court 33407 Tessaro Cr
The Brixton 33255 old Yale rd Featured Building
The Carlisle 33030 George Ferguson Way
The Fairlane 2750 Fairlane St
The Gardens 34909 Old Yale Rd
The Gateway 1755 Salton Rd
The Haven 32950 Amicus pl
The Huntington 33675 Marshall Rd
The Laurelwood 32120 Mt. Waddington Ave
The Maples 2585 Ware St
The Nottingham 32055 Old Yale Rd
The Crossing 1977 McCallum Rd Under Construction
The Waddington 32063 Mt. Waddington Avenue
The wedgewood 2626 Countess St
Tiffany Park 33110 George Ferguson Way
Tiffany Place 33090 George Ferguson Way
Town Centre Tower 32330 South Fraser Way Featured Building
Trethewey Tower 32440 Simon ave
Twelve Corners 2725 Fuller St
UpTown 32725 George Ferguson Way Featured Building
Valley Ridge 33450 George Ferguson Way
Valley View Manor 2551 Willow Ln
Viva on Park 2515 Park Dr Featured Building
West Point Villa 31831 Peardonville Rd
Westwood 2995 Diamond Cr / 2990 Boulder St Featured Building
Woodridge 2535 Hill-Tout St

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